Our Services

The Muskal Assessment & Learning Clinic is dedicated to building on the abilities of students and adults while overcoming any disabilities that may have artificially limited achievement. We work carefully and hard to understand how a client learns and to develop a plan built on our experience, knowledge and the client’s identified strengths. We have almost two decades of experience working with people to overcome the limitations of disabilities like ADD/ADHD. Our knowledge and dedication have resulted in a high success rate.

Muskal Assessment & Learning Clinic services include:

  • ACCURATE ASSESSMENT – we provide an educational history, student overview, academic assessment in reading, spelling, language and math, and a perceptual reading assessment.
  • DIAGNOSIS – we have the training and experience necessary to recognize a broad range of learning disabilities.
  • REFERRAL – we build working relationships with other professionals in psychology, medicine and education.
  • CONSULTATION – we have developed a variety of strategies for unlocking the potential of students with diverse learning styles.
  • TUTORING – we provide one-to-one instruction in all critical subjects.
  • COLLEGE – we assist students with college entrance examinations and college applications.
  • SSAT – we are an SSAT administration site.
  • Computer training available for adults and children.