Dr. James Ruggles – Child Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor UC Davis

“In the past 10 years I have referred many patients to Ann for her comprehensive educational testing and tutoring. Ann Muskal is a most treasured resource in my practice”

Kerry Heckman, M.A. – Educator, sent her 8 year old daughter to MALC

“Ann Muskal saved my life. Before I went to Ann I was a sorry reader. Now I can read like everyone else in the class.”

Robert Corkern – President of Klein-Berger Company,sent his 10 year old girl to MALC

“When she was in the 4th Grade, Shelby was diagnosed with learning disabilities. With the help of Ann Muskal and her caring staff, Shelby has blossomed as a learner and regained her confidence.”

EIleen and William Zech – Businesswoman and Lawyer, sent their 3 children to MALC

“Ann has a unique gift for motivating children and improving their academic skills in a fun way. All the kids get a big boost to their confidence as they learn and improve their basic skills.”

Dr. Michael Minch – Professor of Chemistry at UOP, sent his 12 year old boy to MALC

“Ann literally taught Matt to read by a different method!! His progress was remarkable and by middle school he was functioning well in all his courses including mathematics.

Dr. Abha Oshtory – Medical Neurology and Electro Diagnosis, sent both of her high school children to MALC

“They have helped my two college age children through the difficult stage of SAT preparation and college applications . . . My children achieved excellent scores and went on to well respected universities like U.C. Berkeley and MIT.”

Michael Babitzke, Attorney at Law,sent his high school daughter to MALC

“As a direct result of Mrs. Muskal’s assistance, Melissa has done extremely well and is at the top of her class at the very competitive and elite Santa Catalina School in Monterey, CA.”

Dr. Roger Rompel, Clinical Psychologist– San Joaquin County Children’s Mental Health Services

“It is a pleasure to learn of your plan to expand your Stockton center to the Danville area. I have known of your work for nearly 20 years now and have referred my own clients to your program. I have recommended you to other professionals in this area without hesitation.”